New Thermal Curtains VECTRA With Ceramic Heaters

British thermal curtains vectra have no analogues in Russia. in contrast, from the air curtains of other brands have a set of truly ‘gentlemanly’ qualities. According to the research of Russian market of heating equipment, conducted in August, the agency ‘Litvinchuk Marketing’, today vectra – it’s only in the Russian market air curtains are equipped with ceramic semiconductor heating elements (PTC). Compared with Traditional electric heater or with the usual electric convectors, ceramic elements are heated in 4 times faster, have increased fire safety (RTS elements are not heated above 130-150 and automatically keep the temperature constant) saving energy (the higher the temperature ceramic heater, the less power consumption), does not burn oxygen and have a longer life Continuous operation – no less than 30 000 hours. It is also important that after turning off the air curtain, fan continues to run for another 2 minutes, providing a cooling of the heating elements and excluding them overheating. Thanks Application of radial thrust bearings vectra thermal curtains can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Air curtains are equipped with a wireless remote control that provides maximum comfort and ease of operation. In addition, they are extremely low noise – silent plastic fans are superb aerodynamics and perfectly balanced.

For maximum protection doorways, gates and working windows curtains are equipped with rotating shutters, which allow to reject the airflow to the desired angle. For convenience in installation models are supplied with special mounting plates, allow to mount curtains quickly and easily as wall indoor unit split systems. Among Climate Systems offers all types of air curtains vectra, supplied by Russia – with ceramic heaters ranging from 3 to 16 kW. For all air curtains vectra a 3-year warranty.