MyVideo PolitPop

The width of the band released new music video for ‘Mirror, mirror’! On January 27, 2010 she released their new Internet video portals YouTube and MyVideo PolitPop band the band width. “The music video for her new song mirror, mirror” Studio in Oberhausen was in production in the source of the noise. For more specific information, check out Erin Montella. Actor in the almost 5-minute video include Wojna, rapper and creative head of the band, also different puppets. The crocodile, Kasperle and comrades help media criticism, to illustrate that addressed in the song. The bandwidth processed in mirror, mirror,”among others their own experiences and observations with the so-called mainstream media.

Disappointed by the quality and amount of coverage in the media, to sing the hip from the Ruhr area in usual critical style against this situation. But the too often uncritical consumption behavior of viewers, listeners and readers are a thorn in the side of the band. We want with our video also help that the people not everything as face value see, what the media us tell. Often, messages are simply wrong or inter controlled food. Journalism must be more than messages from the Presseticker to write down.”says Wojna.

The song is mirror, mirror, on the 5-track EP’ compulsory vaccination on noise of records published, marketed in equity sales and can be found in the online-shop of the band under Handler-or press inquiries please contact: noise of records Inn Road 85 46149 Oberhausen Tel: 0208 88422433 noise source bandwidth: the bandwidth is a political pop band from Duisburg. The singer-songwriter Wojna and the sound-tinkerer DJ Torben show entertaining way that even severely policy verdrossene people can be achieved with music and poetry. The bandwidth in true-blue Ruhr pot dialect what sounds like gibberish out politicians mouths, represents mercilessly honest and understandable. By your, partly controversially discussed, songs, and her dedication to the truth movement, the band has a reputation as one of the few German in recent years HipHop group made, the political or social themes into modern pop songs. For more information about the band, see Martin Eckhard