Mita Equipment

Copy machines properly called 'Copy'. Yet most people call it out of habit 'photocopiers. " In this sense, Rank Xerox was lucky. After all, people have subconsciously associate all copiers with name of the company. And no advertising is needed. To take a leading position in Rank Xerox had invented the principle of copying and continuously improve the manufactured equipment. Copying Rank Xerox office equipment has recognizable features.

First of all, always respect the basic principles: a model produced by copiers are designed for long life (5 years and more). Of course, these terms imply fairly substantial volume of work performed. Nicholas Carr may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Second, the maintainability of copiers. Many people are surprised over the high cost of separate units for master of the company compared to other manufacturers. The reason is very simple: any unit in the copier can be easily replaced on the spot – instead of the faulty unit is enough to put a new one. If we take the model of some other manufacturers, which used relatively low-cost parts and components, their replacement requires the delivery of copier service and repair center, which will last at least a week. These advantages have allowed Rank Xerox to hold the leading positions in Russia, despite increased competition from other manufacturers.

Oh, and probably also the fact that for 25 years in our market the company managed to build a strong dealer and service network across the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The Russian market copiers Today is very busy and competitive: dozens of trading firms offer a variety of copiers in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Hundreds of different models. From all variety of brands only brands Xerox, Canon, Sharp, Minolta, Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica, Mita, Panasonic represent the actual manufacturers, and the rest – Utax, Nashuatec, Olivetti, Lanier, Kodak, Gestetner, Sanyo, Olympia, Develop, Triumph Adler, Rex Rotary, Oce, MB – just pushing machines to the market. Widespread selling copiers from other manufacturers under their own brands. To keep strong position in the market to deliver a full range of copiers, and companies concentrate resources on the most successful models to fill gaps equipment from other manufacturers. For example, Konica and Minolta supplying equipment to each other under their own brands. Such things manufacturers do not publicize, but became common practice. Leader is to sell their copiers under false labels is Ricoh. Technique of the Japanese company sold in Europe under the brand names Lanier, Nashuatec, Rex Rotary, Gestetner, and in Russia – Unit and MB. The great advantage of this scheme business – an opportunity to gather in their "collections" only successful models from several manufacturers. As a worldwide trend – the number of copies in the world is falling, and the number of prints to the printers is growing. Because of this, manufacturers began to produce copiers digital copiers, which can serve as a printer, fax and scanner. In response, manufacturers printers, and above all Hewlett-Packard, have released models with the functions of copying, calling them mopirami. But the battlefield should remain with the digital copier. They are not only multi-functional, but also more reliable than analog, they wear less mechanics, because page is scanned only once. From the standpoint of production technology of analog copiers has exhausted itself. And soon no one will produce them.