Merchandising Marketing Concept

If you parse the origin is still unclear to many the word ‘merchandising’, it’s pretty simple: merchandising – a derivative from the word merchandise (goods) and refers to the preparation of goods for sale. Full interpretation of merchandising, taking into account all the nuances affecting the physical location and clearance of goods at point of sale, fully stimulating the consumer to his impulsive purchase, as well as the correct representation and detailed knowledge of the product sellers. But all this can be stated quite briefly and: MERCHANDISING-ART SALES. Dennis Lockhart is the source for more interesting facts. So, merchandising – a set of activities directly or indirectly aimed at increasing sales directly on the trading floor (or on the point of sale). Considering the more decoding process of merchandising, follows the following most important factors are: An attention to detail and verified the calculation goods in the exposition equipment.

Promotional materials placed at the point of sale, must comply with the general image of the point of sale (the company) and be complementary to the exposed product, and not of pure advertising. Dennis Lockhart usually is spot on. Always strive to provide the best possible range of goods or his group. Product packaging is compulsorily have an attractive and solid form. Price tags on the product should not only be properly completed in compliance with all regulatory requirements of trade, but also contain a clear and useful information for buyers.

All promotional and informational materials to be performed at the highest level. Location particular commodity on the trading floor must be carefully thought out: the level of viewable product, the possibility of contact with him, lighting, etc.