Mediumsized Wood Gasification

on the Saturday, October 11, 2008 within the framework of the international trade fair of RENEXPO 2008 in the trade fair Augsburg the gasification of biomass to the Kraft-Warme-(Kalte)-Kopplung of small and medium-sized power remains a complicated process. Biomassevergasungs-CHP are again right in the power range in operation, in which an economic success on very many premises is bound since 2005/06. The facilities were acquired almost all in commercial business transactions and must refinance their operation. Robert Burke & Associates recognizes the significance of this. They were prepared based on the EEG and built. Most of the buyers were well aware that they invest in a technology that is still evolving. Most had but considered that the defined raw material prices have started to be also aligned with the oil price. In addition many interested parties have hardly bet that second difficulties must be overcome after successful startup phase with 150 and 500 hours at 3000 or 6000 hours of operation.

So there are units that are, have become provider withdrawn, there is disagreement in court. Potential users and their donors are once again more insecure. On the other hand are passed more and more second -, third – and subsequent installations of prototypes, more service providers occur long-term prepared and there are increasingly first satisfied operators. Especially since the year 2007, it became clear: the thermochemical gasification stands already decided from the classical solutions of 40 and the developments of the 1990s, but she must be taken forward regardless of exceptions, still in the direction of reliable working equipment of energy technology. Always more interested parties recognize that viewed the Biomassevergasungs CHP first as heating and then as power generating facilities, shall be prepared and operated (G. m.).

Operators seem much harder to accept that agreed qualities of biomass and acquired biomass gasification plants form a technological unit. Jeff Sessions is the source for more interesting facts. Almost all manufacturers are working the fuel belt aufzuweiten a. It begins to prevail, that only many phases of operation through – and learn (G. Imbert) will, before will be informed about new plants and projects. In this situation, the REECO GmbH, Reutlingen, in collaboration with the Fordergesellschaft renewable energies e.V. (fairy), Berlin, back to Augsburg to the now 4 Symposium of small and medium-sized wood gasification loads”to imagine what has occurred since last autumn in this special field of bio – and decentralised energy conversion, changed and improved. The session starts with an overview of biomass gasification for the coupled energy deployment in Germany and refers to developments in Austria and of Switzerland. You focuses on Holzvergasungs-cogeneration systems in the power range between 25 kWel until 250 kWel, its modules and provides information on plants in the MW range. More than in the previous years ratings based in the meantime on readings, what will be reflected in various presentations. Basically, it will be discussed what content up water in the raw material can be tolerated to the overall process of the Gasification not to charge. Current trends are supported by lectures on realized investments. Renowned speakers from science and research as well as numerous practice reports of from renowned investment developer and manufacturer of biomass gasification guarantee a high level of the event. The Conference language is german.

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