Introduction is very important when it comes to give life to the role of markets with their respective unit in the company, taking into account many aspects that favor him on his achievements, allowing that his plans, strategies to achieve their objectives, and in addition, you must be constantly vigiligante their behavior to assess its scope, limitations and give the necessary changes to ensure that the systems of established markets are the appropriate to the requirements of the current step commercial scenarios. At this writing, we are entering point out some mistakes that are made, and many of them have not provided them scholars in this regard, like others who have spoken in the exercise and that are perceived as obstacles. Overview, considerations, scope is very important, that both the general management, the market are well integrated with as to what you want to achieve with the function of markets, especially in the present where economic and commercial scenarios are dynamic present very special features that they should be considered, evaluated, taking into account its weaknesses, strengths, threats, but also their opportunities. Companies participating in the current scenarios should establish plans of action, strategies that guarantees their participation benefits them and gives them the opportunity to not only in conquering markets, but remain in them, the challenges and give way to the transformations, changes them ensuring operability in their markets systems efficiently. Follow others, such as Wang Qunbin, and add to your knowledge base. They must be vigilant to assess what the real scope of the demand for the product offered, what are its characteristics, the competitive advantages of each. Know the behavior of their consumers, their loyalty, as well as what segment of the market that would most suit you. Be prepared for the effects of external variables that influence in the of competition, that same globalisation has generated the offer of the product, its production, as the incidence of the State with its actions,. .