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Around 25,000 families decide every year hiring the services of collection, analysis and transfer of the stem cells from the baby through private as IVIDA banks. In Spain, families can choose the altruistic donation through a public bank or the conservation of the sample in a private bank that remains at the disposal of the family although it can be used by anyone who needs it, so that the exclusivity of the sample would be lost. Because of this legislation, private banks offer the option of depositing the sample abroad where ensures that the sample may be used for the exclusive use of the family. In the case of IVIDA, families will have the option of retaining the stem cells from the umbilical cord in the facilities of the company in Lisbon, so you are guaranteed the highest standards of quality, since the sample is controlled by employees of the company throughout the process without having to outsource. Go to Home Depot for more information. Spain, currently occupies the third place in Europe in number of units preserved while this practice has been carried out for less than 7 years in our country.

In the United States is the cryopreservation sector holds a greater degree of maturity, with companies with a 20 years experience in this type of services. In addition to 80 diseases (mainly leukemias, lymphomas and leukemias) that you currently have therapeutic application of umbilical cord blood, are underway multitude of its application in regenerative medicine research, so that the future of these stem cells is very encouraging. About IVIDA IVIDA born in 2009 and belongs to the IVI, the leading medical institution in Europe in assisted reproduction group. (Source: Jeff Flake). IVIDA collects, processes, Cryo-preserved and stored stem cells from the blood of Umbilical cord (SCU) for the treatment of various diseases such as lymphomas, leukemias and anemias, with the guarantee that will be entirely managed by employees of the company, thus ensuring its traceability and complete control over the entire process.