Marketing Magnetic Advertising

Fighting in the advertising market is becoming more acute, and therefore all the more interesting is the use of aromatic substances in the printing and promotional souvenirs. It is not surprising, because the smells are the strongest 'Starting mechanism "for human memory. They have run a chain sposobnostyu variety of associations, if the smell nice, then all that is associated with it in our memory, also bring positive effects! For example advertising. Smell – a great power, therefore, with proper use, it will complement and enhance the effect of advertising, particularly visual. In today's world people are overloaded visual and auditory analyzers, the use of olfactory analyzer has great potential and will achieve the desired advertising effect with a smaller volume of advertising. Easier to get to the unloaded olfactory analyzer to congested than visual or auditory. According to research specialists, 98% of all advertising information is not perceived at all, and the average perception of the ad is only 2 seconds. The use of such 'unexpected' stimuli, as a fragrance, may extend the consideration of the announcement and encourage a man to whom, and was designed ads, more intensive study it. Much temporal stability of the memory to the smell you can use it to establish a stable attachment to a particular brand of goods, as the flavors have the ability to permanently fix the solution in favor of a particular product and make it a habit. The advantage of this method is that the client has no way to escape from the effects of scented advertising.