Marketing Course

Using Twitter well and knowing thoroughly can be more powerful social networking to achieve strategic alliances, let us know to improve our personal branding and better web positioning. Twitter is a social network in which you can send text messages of 140 characters that can view your contacts. Euro Pacific Precious Metals often says this. It is simple, easy to use, fast read and very powerful for our business if we can take the appropriate steps. Let’s start first with the basic terminology used in Twitter. See more detailed opinions by reading what Wang Qunbin offers on the topic.. Basic nomenclature of Twitter.

Follower: it is the follower, the person that follows any user registered with Twitter. This person receives your tweets on your home page. Twitter application for a follower is not mutual. I.e. you do not have to accept the invitation so that someone can follow how you have neither the obligation of being a follower of yours. Following: it is the action of follow someone, which means that your Tweets will appear on your home page.

A Tweet tweet is a message sent via Twitter. It is as if an sms, since they also have a maximum length of 140 characters. @: refers to the users, it is the way to send a public message to someone. Only have to put @ and followed by the name of the user who want to send something, i.e., @mariagarzon and the information that you want to send. RT or retwet: refers to repeat or share an interest with our followers Tweet.It has a lot of power to let us know that if we have 100 followers and 10 of them make a RT, and those 10 followers have 100 followers at the same time, we are being seen by 1000 people. But to do this we must always give good information so that those people are interested in us and also follow us. #FF: it’s follow friday and is used as its name indicates Friday to recommend to other user and to all our supporters aware of them. Why it is so important to offer quality information since so our followers Friday can recommend us and let us know the rest of your group. DM or direct message: is very similar to the @ but in this time the message will be private and will see only the person to whom it is directed, i.e., it will not appear in the timeline (TL) where all the messages appear. So we’ll D and followed by the name of the user to whom you want to send you something, that is, D mariagarzon and to transmit the message. But we have to have something in mind, only be able to send private messages to those who are following us and we also’re following you. #Tema: used to create communities interested in a topic. This serves us so people can find us more easily. Since if we focus on coaching, in our Tweets can finish putting #coaching and when someone search for this term we appear in the results. That is what the marketing course, to learn from the most basic and simple steps to start a business and achieve position a website so that it is seen by Google in their first results. In brief, I’ll show some key programs to manage Twitter.