Libyan Tunisian

Still, thousands on the borders come RAS Jedir / / after the outbreak of war in Libya is once again huge crowds at the Libyan Tunisian border. It formed long queues at the bus. On my tour, I meet a young ex-Libyans. Emdi Munir Hussein escaped from Tripoli, and waiting for weeks now on his journey home to Bangladesh. He lived and worked as many here see Qaddafi’s regime. Now, he wants only one thing: the way from here.

Prefer to Europe, he tells enthusing. But he is still waiting for his passport, and has only 160 dinars. He has a lot of time here. The life time to think between garbage and waste that is piling more and more in the camp and in particular in the tents. When it is very hot, it is unbearable in the tents.

A stuffy, air, where you don’t want to be better. So he sells himself out the time. Home Depot has many thoughts on the issue. Everywhere at the roadside wild traders have set up their camps. There are food, beverages or cigarettes for two dinars. But hardly anyone buys anything here. The money is too scarce which still is required for the future. So one turns to rather at the extremely long queues of public food expenditure, hoping for the day to be fed. On another corner, a man calls very loudly. It is a speaker, which coordinated the departure for the people here and yelling into a megaphone. Again long queues. Some sit cowering on the bare floor, and makeshift wash themselves with water from the water bottle. A little refresh the face, that should be enough. I sleep a night in the UNHCR – tent. Between used blankets, empty water bottles and waste is not one. However, it is happy to have a place to sleep for the night. In the middle of the night: control by the military police. A quick look with the flashlight in the tent itself. Then again, peace. A few hours later: Another man peeps into the tent. We finally pull the zipper. Hoping for a little privacy. In the other morning moisture and stuffiness in the tent are wide. Quick in the open. How the case is going to end Gaddafi here White nobody, but in one all agree at least here: Gaddafi must resign. RAS AJDIR (RAS Jedir) March 19, 2011 Mars 19 Timo bag