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"It's just a very quick example of turning knowledge into results that an employer be interested in. This may seem relatively simple, but can be difficult to hit. But I assure you, once you master the trick to restate forcefully their experience and skills in a way that means something to an employer, then you'll never be out of work again! The simple error may be doing that immediately kills your chances This is the only thing that immediately stops most people to get the job you are applying for: they keep sending the letter of the same application (which does not produce results) for each job you are applying. You do not have to be a genius to understand that if you keep doing something that does not work while expecting a different result you really must be a masochist! The problem with sending the same "loser" apply to employers is that it raises doubts about their employability. This example below will show you what I mean. Let me introduce David the masochist … David has been applying for positions with us for over a year.

, Also apply to other companies that use the card itself. How do we know this? 1. Never used our name in your letter of application, and 2. We asked. Also – it still applies to us, we can assume that has not been offered a job from anybody. This also raises serious doubts ennuestra mind as to the employability of David.

If it was a good that should be a job for now. Can refer to the situation of David? If so, let me show you the simple strategy that turned David's life around. I called him and asked him why he kept sending the same unsuccessful application with us and everyone else, obviously, was not doing the job. a l was stunned. Never occurred to him that his application was unsuccessful. I was taking it personally – thought it was a failure. a l had been unemployed for an entire year, simply because your application letter and curriculum vitae did not act. I suggested she try a new application to see if I was right. It invested in a new curriculum and a letter from us, and the result: there were three interviews in the first week of testing the new approach. In summary: If you are sending the same type of application letter for each job and you're not getting interviewed then CHANGE YOUR REQUEST! You are not an employer rejects the application is simply is being rejected. You know you can do the job, does not apply if you could not do it. So do not take this rejection personally. We see hundreds of applications and resumes each week and I can say now, more than 90% of them are letting the applicant down. Most of those interviewed will do it for the same simple mistake, but easily avoidable and lost in a job that should be theirs. Hi – I'm addicted to marketing that is low in helping job seekers find their talent to me I am a glider pilot for people to suggest I have a death wish, but for me it's more a desire for life.

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