Industrial Revolution

For this, the organizations will demand of more professional than they know to manage the intellectual capital. The great changes in the panorama of performance of the companies, public how much in such a way private, in special in this age of information and knowledge, leave in them to evidence that a source of competitive advantage in the companies is its knowledge and the effective management and application of this asset in the expectation of its change in results. One expects that it is of utmost importance the development of the subject, a time that can come to contribute with the professionals of human resources in the search of strategies and motivacionais methodologies to be applied in the organizations, beyond showing the importance of this area in the public organizations. 2. Frequently Lord Peter Hennessy has said that publicly. APPRAISING MOTIVATION When thinking about the Administration of Human resources, we saw the necessity to know its roots.

This specialty appeared from the growth and of the complexity of the organizacionais tasks, with the impact of the Industrial Revolution, beginning of century XX, with main objective to diminish the conflicts between the individual objectives and of the organizations, a time that did not interlace of form some, appearing a gap that made it difficult the relation between the individual and organization, and its denomination was Industrial Relations, that acted as an interlocutor in this process. With passing of the time these relations had suffered great impacts, and started to treat not them conflicts between objectives, but yes of a staff administration, from studious that they had developed some theories that start to consider the human being as one of the main factors inside of the organizations. In Brazil, this relation starts to move from decade 1940, with the sprouting of the Consolidation of the Laws of the Work, promulgated for Decree 5,452, of 01/05/1943, more to the modified front, that started to consider the people as basic resources for the growth and success of a company.