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Blog Broadcast. AWeber has created this tool which automates sending updates to a blog to all subscribers, to keep them updated with the new information that you join your blog without the need of your subscribers are enrolled to your RSS, and simplifying your work since you don’t need to schedule each of your items to keep your updated list of subscribers: Aweber does it for you with the integration of your blog to the autoresponder. Also gives you the option to set shipping by quantity of items or by a certain date. It works with almost all platforms of blogs such as wordpress, blogger, etc. Deliverability means that your messages are delivered to the inboxes of each of your subscribers.

AWeber has a specialized team that works together with servers of emails like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This makes to ensure the deliverability of your emails almost at 100%. The essence of an autoresponder is take care that your emails reach destination in the time that has been programmed. Tracking emails. Source: Peter Schiff. With Aweber you can track and analyze your email marketing campaigns by identifying who and when your subscribers have clicked and in what links have been entered to the page. You identify a loyal subscriber to provide greater value. It gives you the option of knowing who has unsubscribed and analyze the because this Subscriber was cancelled, also gives you the option to contact you again.

Follow-up email is the programming of a chronological sequence of messages by e-mail after that a visitor to your web site is registered to the subscription form where I will receive emails that you’ve already prepared to continue your sales through these emails from tracking your iras generating confidence, credibility and helping your prospect make the purchase. Anit-spam. Mail delivery not authorized to an Inbox, typically advertising type, also known as email spam, Aweber contains a strict policy on spam where qualifies the spam that contains your message once you’ve written it, is constantly working with the new adjustments and has an exclusive Office actively working with different servers of emails and identifying new potential spam messages. Segmentation. Segmenting your list you can generate higher conversions, through electronic newsletters. AWeber will help you to identify which is the ideal prospect than your you need to make a purchase or a given action, knowing their movements through every step that this Subscriber has made when you opened your email, you can know how to go to each Subscriber by geographic location. Integration with social networks. With Aweber you can publish your newsletters automatically on your social networks, this increases the possibility of getting new subscribers and to publicize your work seen in another way, reaching thousands of people at the same time without any effort. AWeber allows you to automate submissions, unlimited sending of emails with an indefinite programming, you can work in formats HTML and plain text, by the generate is convenient to use both or a combination of the two, you can use the structure flat written in HTML code to customize your links and hide addressing to your site, this way you achieve that your text is much more rich content through the use of key words. The autoresponder works in conjunction with email marketing and this is definitely the perfect combination to increase sales. Email marketing I mean to create strategies and sales by email system. It is investing to generate even more profit, and an excellent tool as the Aweber autoresponder is definitely a profitable investment.