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If you are applying to fill the form, specify the reason for the action of 'filling in the questionnaire, you will contribute to the development of our site' or 'fill in the form and receive our 10% discount. " 4. Gain the trust of visitors. Most users are convinced that the World Wide Web alone liars and so they have a fear of being cheated. You must build confidence in your site and show visitors that your company is real. To do no harm is the placement of your pictures, pictures of staff of the office.

Using video and audio materials can also destroy confidence, but also a good way to stand out among competitors. 5. Customer Support. Quote to share contact e-mail and phone number where we can reach you, and preferably, when available. In the presence of the office include the full address (city, street, house, office ). If a visitor and does not use provided information, he will know that you can easily reach in which case, it is also very much a significant effect on trust. Do not neglect your contact information, it is very important. 6.

Design. Be sure to watch for in order to design resource has been tastefully and carefully executed, because he must act so that the visitor does not click right away on your site back button, then going to a competitor. Website in no case should remind the majority of resources Located on the free hostings. The site should be convenient for the visitor: the pages should load quickly, easily readable text. It is advisable to ask strangers to evaluate your life and listen to their advice address deficiencies. 7. The choice of hosting. If you are going to seriously do business online, paid hosting and domain – the first of what it takes to start a business. Comment as to why I think it is not necessary. 8. Competent text – the basis of trust. On pages of your site is unacceptable for spelling errors, typos, incorrect translation of the text, it is always annoying. If you feel like a solid company pozitsioniruete (not only) on pages Grammar decently lame, then significantly increased mistrust and many visitors never return to this site. Check the content for errors easily with Microsoft Word, which is on every computer with Windows. Jobs in Internet and affiliate program promotion sayta.Luchshie Internet.