Gifts From Moldova

Life – just a song, yes, so to speak about Moldova. Who visited the country at least once, will never forget her warm hospitality, beautiful landscapes as well as the taste of Moldovan wines. That wine is main export products in Moldova. Remember the movie "go to fight some old people and there sounded the song by the beautiful Moldavian" Darkie ":" there Darkie picking grapes Indeed, Vineyards are the main wealth of the country, accounting for 15% of the annual budget and occupy 107,000 hectares of land. Each bottle of wine affects the taste of Moldovan land and its history. How can you resist the temptation to buy one gift to your loved ones? Interestingly, the wine as a gift, you can choose not only the quality and taste, but given the nature of the recipient.

Moldovan wine-makers themselves believe in the whole country does not find a single bottle of wine with the same taste qualities. Also, in each region or country of their secrets wine storage. For example, for a friend you can visit the intellectual sword from its stone basement storage length of 50 km. It is here you will get a bottle of wine with a delicate noble taste. To the beloved suitable wine from the village Cojusna, reflecting a Moldovan traditional dance and having a playful dynamism. For your team to take gift laughing Purcari chumayskie wine, allowing to feel the festive mood. But for the father, older friend or test unique gift will cognac, with its unforgettable taste and aroma, soaked in oak barrels.