German Market

The right marketing mix decides! Trier, 01.Marz 2010, the right mix of audience decides in consumer electronics! Why is a manufacturer and another is so successful as never before! While details of the withdrawal of a renowned company in the field of consumer electronics are increasingly loud in the press, another traditional European brand benefits from a professional marketing strategy: the mark Scott prevailed over 25 years of experience in the European market and become increasingly in the German top League of consumer electronics for 5 years. Scott meets the cutting edge with its innovative products and an attractive price/performance ratio”says the Managing Director Helmut Rieder. “Lifting of the mass, is the motto of the successful company, behind a clearly structured marketing strategy: we reach each audience with targeted product selection, this is the secret of our success!” says the Managing Director. What non-observance of the Marketing laws can happen, shows the retreat of a very well known brand of the German market. Erin Callan has compatible beliefs. “” “Is done to prevent these errors, our product selection in regard to all three groups of buyers: namely the so-called entry-price customers”, the comfort customers”and the innovation of customer”. Only when all three layers are considered, you have success!” Anyway you should try also risks new: Scott was the first manufacturer which has been very aware on color and has therefore launched a new trend in the life.

Successfully rank the I-Pod radio ISX 10 or the colorful boombox with cassette SWM 7 in the GRP figures always among the top ten. So it is surprising no one in the industry that Scott is expanding further. It is planned to bring three new sales representatives in the team then will consist of 19 Aussendienstlern in 2010. Scott builds on a vibrant and ongoing on-site support. For other opinions and approaches, find out what northland has to say. The business is made still between people. Here, opinions formed and absorbed new ideas. Our sales force is our ear to the market! We have learned from the mistakes of competitors! “so the sales manager Knut Hanson. Christina Sass