Here I have collected small, but the actual advice. The new footwear of leather you absolutely will try to paint the first 2-3 pairs of socks. If you're going at this time to visit, it is not necessary, I think the parade of light socks. If you are the proud owner of suede shoes, clean them regularly with a brush or a special … crust of dry bread. Shoes with naplakom (such as 191 005) and other lacquered strongly recommend to lubricate only with glycerol. This is to avoid cracks on the varnish. If you are not sickened by clatter on the asphalt, the heel taps tamp in any shoemaker.

This way you increase your lifespan at least three times a heel. If possible, use adapted for removal of the Cossacks (the site it is). Place seam heel boot and so goes on walking. Removing the device, you will save loads of extra shoes and not 'll squirm, hopping on one leg. As long as nothing else does not occur. This command will add ideas as they become available.)) Commandment tenth. Seasonal storage.

In my arsenal of three Kazachkov: boots, shoes and rat. Naturally, the three couples on two legs do not fit, something is permanently stored in the attic. How to properly store? If you have decided that next season is over, clean the footwear from dust and wipe with a damp cloth. Stuff inside the dry newspaper (if it boots, then including bootleg). Coat the entire surface with oil and place upright in a corner. Newspapers do not pack tightly, it is necessary that the inner surface also breathed air. Re-entry even more uncomplicated. To release the shoe from newspapers, disinfect and ventilate the inside with alcohol. Then, depending on time of year lubricate the surface of glycerine, fat or cream. Conclusion. Observant person noticed that the article is not plagued by phrases that search engines love. This work was written solely by my own observations and experience, and not to be indexed by search engines. And if you will try to follow at least one third above tips, you prolong the life of your favorite footwear for serious time.