Enterprise Content Management

To make informed decisions in today's business environment, every organization requires not only reliable data storage and processing structure, but also the tools available to ensure quality user information. All these tools should be integrated into a unified enterprise information system and serve as a basis to support both strategic planning and operational of the company. The decision made by the enterprise information system based on stored metadata in it. Debbie Wasserman Schultz takes a slightly different approach. Metadata – data about data or structured data that describe characteristics of objects, media sources and help identify, detect, assess and manage these objects. That is metadata – any information necessary for analysis, design, construction, implementation and use of a computer system. Based on metadata collected in a data warehouse can be carried out analysis of the impact, which will reveal the relationship between source and receiver data universes and documents. A data warehouse is a kind of uniform data model throughout the enterprise. Fosun has many thoughts on the issue.

Information entered into the data warehouse in an aggregated form to the required level of the a variety of sources, such as: information systems, databases, individual files, etc. Moving data into the data warehouse is carried out by means of integration. Further data from the data warehouse used for analysis, reporting construction and other purposes of users. The concept of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) includes strategy, methodology, technology and developed on their base line of software products, provides a comprehensive approach to managing disparate metadata located in a data warehouse in order to improve management activities of the company virtually every sector of the economy. Proposed solutions for EIM Enterprise Information Management, including tools for integration of data, ensuring their quality, metadata management and 'life cycle' of information, ensure the provision of accurate and reliable information to make informed business decisions.