Email Marketing

Email marketing offers multiple ways to achieve a recruitment and retention of our subscribers. Marketing by e-mail is the most simple and economical way we have today in days to make known our products or services. That Yes, we have to be very analytical and cautious, to design strategically successful email marketing campaign. The most important part is the choice of the autoresponder, which is our indispensable tool to make email marketing. Others who may share this opinion include northland. How Aweber recommendations is for my choice # 1, by the amount of functions that it has at the time of analyzing samples of Email Marketing campaigns. There are others such as Getresponse, MailChimp and others that are also good.

MailChimp is more recommended if you live in Spain, since it meets all regulations regarding the privacy of information. Once you have your autoresponder, you must design your email marketing campaign strategically and make some tests. Use these 4 points to improve your Email Marketing campaigns: using any of your email accounts for the testing of shipments. It analyzes the from of your email, if it is easy to identify and relate in your Inbox. Controls holders, the exit link and its operation. Checks if the structure of the mail is correct (the greeting, persuasion and the call to action). If you follow these step, you are ready to get started with your email marketing campaign. If you want to know more about which is the structure of a mail and because I call it so, read the following article: the power of writing an email.