Ecommerce Internet

The rapid development of information technologies, increasing the role of the Internet and integrated automation industries use electronic commerce for businesses has become important not only to preserve but also to expansion of market positions. A study conducted by Brunswick Warburg, showed that the annual market growth of electronic commerce (EC) is 245%. Using the Internet is not only relevant, but simply neobodimo for companies in segodnegnih conditions. The most important reasons for using the Internet for business development. A new economic system, development of the Internet has created a new kind of economy, growth is so enormous that it has already time to change the traditional concept itself of doing business. Today's economy is a system that uses modern technology, and its basis are the companies that are actively transferred its business in Internet.

Corporations such as and have successfully dominated the areas in which only a few years ago was dominated by companies with a traditional type business. In order for business to the Internet was a success, not necessarily be a large company. Small and medium businesses have the same chances for profitability, and indeed, studies show that just such enterprises will become the driving force behind e-commerce. 2 Internet as an ideal environment for doing business: If you have a common selling point – your audience is limited to customers anyway. The Internet as potential clients are all network users, is important only mechanism for bringing information to them. 3 Creating and supporting the company's image: the company's website no longer a luxury, and performs many functions, among which are the following: Strengthens the position and raise the company's image on market; an operational tool for sales and marketing department; Creates a fertile ground for further activities and compete successfully.