Discount Furniture In St. Petersburg

The company opened its site Mebella -. Already on the site, there are many different proposals for the purchase of furniture. Online store will easily order delivery of furniture. The site also has some tips on purchasing furniture stores information, contact the company. At the same time the company starts Mebella season special offers. For instance, announced a 40% discount on the entire collection of ethnic furniture Pacific Green. The uniqueness of this collection is unmatched design, the ideas drawn from diverse ethnic cultures, but most importantly – in ecology.

In the manufacture of this furniture does not use any paints and varnishes, which provides a truly global level of quality. In addition, the company is a member of Mebella discount system Zenith, which will allow owners of the discount card to get discounts of 5% and 10% on home furniture. Relevant as the following proposals: – 25% discount on furniture Pacific Green is available to buyers in the studio kitchen of "Elite Kitchen" in excess of 150 000 rubles (excluding accessories, countertops and appliances) – 12% discount on furniture for your home from "Mebella" when purchasing kitchen in the studio "Elite Kitchen" from 150 000 rub. (Excluding accessories, countertops and appliances) – 10% discount on furniture for the kitchen in the studio "Elite Kitchen" when buying furniture for the house sale company "Mebella" from 100 000 rub. (Excluding the cost of accessories, countertops and appliances). But most importantly – you can get a discount just like that! Now, your discount depends on your age. Buyers sofas IRIS, presented in the trade cents' Furniture Continent, "" Cosmopolis "and STROYMARKET" Vasileostrovskiy "the company offers a discount equal to half your age! Few words about us. Mebella is the exclusive representative of the largest furniture factories in China.

Company for many years in marketing furniture, more than 500 brands. Range of products to satisfy even the most demanding customers thanks to a constantly updated product warehouse, in which received the latest furniture news. All the furniture is different proposed extraordinary convenience and quality. On all the furniture warranty of 18 months. Certification is also produced furniture for the management system Quality ISO 9001:2001, which has been recognized in over 70 countries around the world that guarantees the highest quality products. All the furniture is packaged and most convenient for transport and storage. Packaging complies with the best European standards. Furniture elements are marked and equipped with necessary accessories, key assembly and installation instructions. For all proposed furniture are also provided samples of upholstery and decorative materials. Thus, the company has long Mebella and firmly established in the furniture market and holds an excellent position. Therefore, customers can always count on the lowest prices and fixed discounts and partners – to a long and fruitful cooperation.