Canary Islands

We have had cases of competition that has not gotten to give by problems of the most varied: from traffic accidents, strikes, tails in the counter of document delivery GCO Telecom in his more than thousand supplies you never present/display to contest has left to anybody outside contest. 8. If you would like to know more about Erin Montella, then click here. It adds value to me of having later legal support with the same company/signature to resort the contest if I lose? Yes, but with shades. Any legal adviser will explain to you what conflicts of interests are . Although in principle he can seem interesting that our adviser commits itself to present/display a resource in case we lose, is not necessary to forget that the same has assured the other clients to him.

In this way, it could happen that we gained the license and our own adviser tried to clear us it to be helping a client who is lost, like already has happened in several occasions, in which has even been tried to invalidate the whole contest and so it is not affected a client, but to all. Asegrate to have similar guarantees of which this is not going to happen by own interest and that your adviser is not immersed in any process of revision by problems of conflicts of interests, deontological or judicial processes. 9. How much I must pay? If the expression is allowed us, nowhere sells duros to four pesetas. The writing of customized supplies by lawyers never is a cheap process by very rollings that adviser has the internal procedures and their chain of production. Therefore: In spite of seeming art and part, distrusts of the very low prices in small amounts of provision. They are changing of color to you a pre-established model. Desconfa of submitted low prices to a premium of success in case of securing the license, since nobody can guarantee beforehand to gain a public contest: this would be a crime.

There are other reasons for this supply as more down we explained. you do not accept conditional prices to later supports of legal consultant’s offices. Present Ten that this one is habitual Picardy of the cheap supplies. These supplies are often thought like hook to make sure the income by later judgments claim. Many companies make more money with expensive the amounts obtained when leading to the client towards and largusimos judicial processes destined to resort contests, after losing them, by the contentious route. He is for that reason that obtains more income if the client loses the contest that she gains if it. These processes must have a minimum viability (in his great majority they are won by the Administration), can take years and cost thousands of Euros in judicial coasts that nobody explains when initiating them in case of loss. 10. I request references? If your adviser has a consolidated reputation a list of satisfied important clients will not have problems in darte so that you can contact with them. It in the long term requests a list of the most recent clients in contests of F.M like the Canary Islands, Valencia (declared desert) or Cantabria, as well as another one of maintained clients. It investigates in Internet and in the press previous contests, who has won and if there have been problems of some type. .