Call Center Creation

In the last article we raised the question of the initial stages of creating a call center, creating a business plan and concept development, and also touched on the factors influencing the choice of premises for call center, the choice of operator for positive performance, and discussed terms of reference for the supply of specialized software and equipment for the call center. The next stage of a telemarketing business is project documentation. By the time of preparation of project documentation must be made all the measurements of the room, aware of all specifications and dimensions of equipment ordered, approved by the site assembly and supply point communication links, power and ground of course. On the basis of project documentation will be working on installation and switching equipment for call center. In preparing the project documentation it is worth remembering not only the price of the equipment and the effort to install, but the convenience of call center employees and service personnel.

Also do not forget about the health of operators, fire and health security facilities. At the moment, for the call center do not need to license and permission to work. Technical standards in this area has not yet been identified and are not approved by the novelty of services. Some firms operating in the field of telemarketing and call centers are, also provide telecommunications services which requires an appropriate state license. Firms developed in several directions feel confident themselves in the market. Personnel policy and recruitment call center call center When you are in the market and began his active work raises many problems whose solution is impossible without additional staff.