Brochure Holder

The success of the department of advertising and marketing is determined by the growth of new customers, and performance quality promotional materials that are in these great divisions. Advertising Manager – people creative, they work at the crossroads of different advertising techniques, collaborating with designers and Internet gurus, and they have created promotional materials are often beautiful, but to place them on a single advertising structure is not always easy. Fortunately, the time when this was not a thing of the past. Continue to learn more with: Craig Menear. You can, of course, put 2 or 3 Brochure Holder, each of which may contain advertising material the same size. And you can choose advertising construction of perfolista, which is conveniently placed pockets in any format. There are a lot of advertising stands out perfolista, price – from 1800 rubles.

, The width of perforated Brochure Holder can be from 24 to 45 cm Brochure Holder may be equipped with various additional and useful items that can be placed on a perforated Brochure Holder – it's pockets, shelves, hooks, friezes for the company name or logo. Perforated promotional stands Brochure Holder feature modern design, can be painted in your corporate color or made to order, they may be collapsible (Perf 1, 2 perforations, Sail) or folding (1 Brig, Brig 2). Perforated Brochure Holder – it's forever, she always find a place in your office, or at the show in the demo room, is the most versatile promotional stance, its design is simple, as all ingenious. On our site you can choose the most suitable option: Our address: Moscow, Russia Kosmodamianskaya nab., 4. Tel. (495) 646 08 00