Black Quagmire

To arrive there vocs they had passed for a very dangerous way, mainly for insects that had never walked for there. They will have that to cross the Black Quagmire, and, for its knowledge, you it goes finds the great sapos, the black spiders and many strange birds. All adore to eat insects. If I was vocs I would come back toward house while they are livings creature. They do not go, come back in how much they can. I knew many insects that had escaped of there for little and many that had never come back. _ _ I know exactly of the perigos that we will go to face, thus, do not go to come back, have an objective and go seguiz it. I go to know the Field of the Flowers.

_ _ Certain! I do not go to argue. Good luck for vocs. When the praise-the-god already went going even so, he withheld it to Gordon and he asked. _ _ Only plus one coisinha. You said that she knows the place, then, you say which optimum way to me that I must follow.

_ _ Yes, I go to say. It always follows the road that is behind of this tree, in front, without shunting line. In the end, looking at for vocs right summer the entrance for the quagmire. There they had found two ways: one that go northward and another one that goes for the south. They catch the way of the south. It does not catch northward way, therefore to become this, will have that to cross a hollow trunk of a tree covered for many plants, fungos and mushrooms. There it is the house of the Negroteca, a black, hunting spider implacable. Following for the road of the south, about one one hundred meters, a small stream, the rapids exists and fort, impossible to cross. However, they capsize for the west and they follow for a sand road some meters and had found the great willow. When arriving at the willow they capsize new for the south and follow straight-line for the great capinzais until the cajueiro. This cajueiro one forms a bridge with its trunk and twigs, for it will be able to cross the stream. When To cross follows straight-line, always straight-line, thus only finds the Field of the Flowers. I wait that vocs they have luck. Until any day. Soon after, the praise-the-god caught flight and disappeared inside of the weeds. Some minutes later, after a rest, Gordon were arisen and caught its bag, followed for Antenor they had given the return in the tree and had followed the way. In how much they walked, Antenor saw many insects and birds to sobrevoarem great trees. Of time in when, a bird settled in the twig and fixed its look in the beetles. Antenor did not take off the eyes of it. The way was crooked, full of high and low. In the way of the afternoon Antenor and Gordon they had arrived at the quagmire.