Ancient History, Rome

History of Ancient Rome is extremely interesting and varied, and here we will present to you the most complete information on this issue. Author may find this interesting as well. The era of Rome left its mark in many spheres of life people living in the territory, which at one time stretched the empire of Rome. Ancient Rome for our ancestors of the Slavs was a symbol of political power, as well as a stronghold of the Christian faith. Therefore, in Moscow Russia State motto sounded like: "Moscow the Third Rome, and the fourth is not to be." Second Rome was considered the Christian Byzantine Empire, or more precisely, its capital, Constantinople (in Russian: Constantinople). Russian tsars were isolated, which inherited the power from the rulers of Rome and Byzantium, and saw themselves as their successors. To know more about this subject visit Home Depot. But the historical significance of ancient Rome, of course, not restricted to his incredible military and political power and dominion over many nations of antiquity. The Romans contributed to the wide dissemination of cultural heritage, which left other nations, especially the Greeks. With all this in many areas of culture and the Romans themselves have made great strides.

Without Latin language of the Roman poets and prose writers a European school education for a long time do not even think, and the main provisions of Roman law became the basis of the laws of modern states. Long time have sunk into the summer time of the Great Rome with the Caesars and consuls, tribunes, and senators and legionaries and Roman citizens who came to the bloody spectacles in the Colosseum. But the imprint left by the era in our life, neizgladim. The Senate, coined Romans, and still exists in different countries. Modern armies are built on the principles used by Roman generals. Roman literature, Roman art, Roman sculpture – and today they hit us with their skill To this day, is the eternal city of Rome, in which the gray-haired antiquity and modernity exist side by side.