Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Website

In recent years, websites, business cards acquired a fairly large value. The reason for this – the relatively low cost of development. This type of site – great investment, because the next day if properly plan advertising campaign, the site will be able to bring in new clients. And if you spend wisely search engine optimization, website will become a stable source of income. Online business card needs to companies that want to be on the Internet 'Business card'. This 'card' contains the usual information about the company, scope, basic services, pricing, etc. Typically, business card site is for promotional and provides an opportunity to receive information about companies to get acquainted with its activities as well as the products and services. Create online business card – a seemingly simple.

The apparent simplicity of small website design hides a lot of hard work. A leading source for info: Dan Miller. Simple Web sites that provide free hosting, are the pages with personal information or advertisement of any product or service. This site is only the time spent on it. If you have read about Dan Miller already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But the return on such site will be small. Indeed, even among sites, business cards there is competition, leading the same websites, business cards, which are created in professional studios or agencies. Why? As in any other case, in web design are certain standards and requirements that must comply with any website. These standards will help to keep professional web developers. Prices for the services to create a small website quite acceptable.

While return on famously and that made a small but interesting and for a site not long in coming. What are advantages of small website? The main advantage of this resource – low price, small amount of work and simplicity support. Online business card usually consists of several pages, there is no complex software modules, because it does not require support. Backing up such a site can do the owners themselves, as well as update and fill updated information. Therefore, online business card will cost its owner only to the price development and hosting fees every month. However, online business card suitable for the promotion of small shops, private services, or simply as personal home page, and for the organization of corporate representation medium or large companies such form of the site will be insufficient. Online Business Card can not compete with more powerful sites and in the case of search traffic. The reason for that – too few pages, which can be indexed by search engines, a small amount of data and the absence of some marketing tools. As a rule, websites, business cards have very few functions and consist of only 3-4 (sometimes 5-7) pages, so-and so it is inexpensive. However, some of the basic modules used in it. For example, – news module. If you need a regular place Online news stories, there is a possibility greatly simplify the task, the news module. Adding news will be simple and easy. – Feedback module. This module is needed to have a relationship with customers. – Print version. Each page will contain a special button, when clicked, the page will be displayed in an easy to print form, without any unnecessary elements of the site. Site-card – it's inexpensive, but it works Internet-based tool to promote your company.