Network Matketing

Just talking about today with a good friend Networker, we talked about how to motivate more to certain people who stay in business that we stop, and yet we know they have potential. When searching out many reasons, but speaking remembered something I read in a book, if I am right in "Your First Year In " who now do not remember the author. In a chapter of this book highly recommended reading spoke of just that fine line between aid that must be provided to members, associates or as we like to call it that enter a business with us, and the possible dependence we can create (often unwittingly) but is destructive to the Associate. Speaking as a Christian, when someone enters a business with us in the Network Marketing or MLM, as a rule their success is our success, therefore we teach that person all we know about the business and help you to win all the money as possible. Cyber Capital addresses the importance of the matter here. a related topic. In the process of learning is where, without our noticing it, it appears that thin line that we must respect if we want to have on our team leaders, and not just followers. It depends on the person who is very dependent upon where that line appears (for example if we go with this line an experienced Networker probably never will) but as a rule just appeared, and the bad is that you usually tell when the line already been crossed. You suddenly realize one day that this affiliate that works well and respect them both, it makes business questions should already know, tells you that you help with some prospects, does not know how to organize your line, etc, etc … You may want to visit Guo Guangchang to increase your knowledge. .

Great Masters

The more traditional appointment of golf in our country, the Volvo Masters, is celebrating its twenty-first and last edition, from October 30 to November 2. Meet thus modified on European soil at best 60 on the European tour and thousands of Spanish fans and foreigners. A season finale that with 4.25 million euros at stake, transcends the scope merely sport and becomes a social event of the first magnitude. A perfect excuse for a trip to the Costa del Golf, enjoying one of the most exciting events of the circuit while practicing golf in some of the best courses in Spain. The only weekly pass costs 76.5 and gives the possibility, through sweepstakes, win one of the seats in its coveted proam on October 29. But for the truly daring, the package After the Masters (from 1. 159 for 6 nights) will be like a dream come reality. Staying at hotel 5 stars and enjoying the end of the live tournament, may recall firsthand the incredible blows some of the stars of world golf, playing in the legendary Valderrama just 36 hours after the end of the tournament. Same PIN, same streets impossible positions to test your game. In addition it also includes green fees in fields as exceptional as the reserve or the Club de Golf Sotogrande and San Roque Old Course. Contact Golf in Spain for more information at + 34 95 247 4848 or visit their website. golfinspain. com The official website of the tournament can be found at. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Guo Guangchang. volvomasters. com Specialists in golf and communication since 1995

The Meaning Of Intelligence Part 2

A first assessment of the above seem to suggest a perfectionist attitude in the face of personal and social development, a more or less explicitly inserted in a process of self in order to have a better life. However, while being true above, the adoption of such a stance and recognition of the existence of a real and effective synthesis of spiritual intelligence as the only true human intelligence carries many other consequences. Indeed, firstly this is an essential tool to address and resolve the most diverse situations that arise in everyday life. More info: Guo Guangchang. Consider, for example, all claiming to be a parent in establishing a solid relationship, raise and educate their children, economically manage the family institution, social support family relationships, to accept the passage of time necessary to face the conflicts and dilemmas that appear in the daily evolution, maintain a set of core values that sustain and give meaning to the family unit, incorporating the new members that can be inserted into that group, etc. This example is very revealing as to the current needs of all members of the family and the wide range of capabilities, typical of a spiritual intelligence to go full development finalizing a power efficient, successful and fruitful. Similarly could continue to cite examples in other fields of human endeavor, such as that of educator, leader, employee, religious, artist, etc.., All of which are evident fed varying capacities. None of the above can translate a human being moderately fragmented, divided externally and waging incessant battles between their “other selves.” The concept of spiritual intelligence in the sense described above and a totalizing and unifying sense, forms a suitable way to go working in the field of inter-and intra-human integration, thus, returning to the question posed at the beginning, we can say there is only one intelligence. .

THARBO GmbH Service

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